Children's Stages of Play Development

Toys For Every Stage of The Child’s Play Journey

When it comes to being a parent, nothing is more exciting than watching your child navigate their child’s play journey. Remember, children learn how to play in stages, and ensuring that you’ve got the right toys for each stage is absolutely critical toward their development. Here at GEEZ Creations, we’re proud to bring forth a wide range of exciting, high quality hand made wooden toys that are designed by passionate toy makers and built by hand here in Sydney, Australia to deliver a quality experience for you and your children. And not only that, but we’ve got a product for every single stage throughout your child’s play journey.

The Stages of Play

According to, there are six critical stages of play development. Each of these stages requires different toys to help your child navigate them and move forward in their play development. Let’s take a look at a few of these stages down below.

Unoccupied Play    

During this stage, which typically occurs from birth – 3 months of age, children discover how their body moves by moving around, flailing their arms, kicking their legs, and such. During this stage, toys like Teethers are important to keep your child interested and engaged. 

Solitary Play     

During this stage, which typically occurs from birth to 2 years of age, children begin playing alone. At this age, children are quite self-centric, and they’re usually focused on playing alone. To support your child in this stage, you can take a look at our fantastic wooden block collection. Allow your child to play alone and construct beautiful setups with different shaped blocks.

Wooden Pyramid Block Set

Parallel Play   

During this stage, which typically occurs with children around 2+ years of age, children begin playing with others. While they might not play directly with one another, they’ll play next to each other and observe what the other is doing. For this stage, allow your children to learn from one another as they build towering structures with their very own Wooden Block Set

Wooden Block Set of 12 4cm


Associate Play  

During this stage, which typically occurs with children around ages 3 or 4, children begin interacting with others. For this stage, you could benefit from a beautiful set of colourful blocks or try something a bit more intensive like a set of Wooden Stackers. These allow children to work together to stack the wooden rings in the correct order.

Wooden Stacking Rings



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